Laboratory for Research Methods in Quantitative Remote Sensing (Quantalab IAS – CSIC)

hyper_homeThe Laboratory for Research Methods in Quantitative Remote Sensing (QuantaLab) is led by Dr. Zarco-Tejada, and belongs to the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS), National Research Council (CSIC), Spain. QuantaLab’s work focuses on quantitative methods for remote sensing in agriculture and forestry, with main interests on vegetation stress detection, physiological condition and precision agriculture. QuantaLab’s researchers have experience with airborne hyperspectral and thermal sensors to estimate biochemical and biophysical parameters, and the effects of chlorophyll fluorescence on leaf apparent reflectance. The hyperspectral and thermal imagers currently operated by QuantaLab are used to develop methods for successful estimation of vegetation pigment concentration, nitrogen, water content and leaf area index in closed and heterogeneous canopies. New research methods are based on small unmanned platforms (UAVs) carrying passive and active sensors for precision agriculture, environmental impact assessment, stress detection, and irrigation management. The group is participant in EU, ESA, NASA and Spanish-funded research projects with main focus on hyperspectral remote sensing. QuantaLab leads research projects with private companies worldwide focused on applied research and technology transfer.

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